Old Civil War Uniform Sac Coat Jacket original Buttons

Up for auction is what I believe to be an original 19th century US Army uniform jacket. It could be Civil War or Indian War period. I have a book on Civil War collectibles and it fis description to a "T". I got this just days ago at a local antique estate sale. It was in a large trunk full of old military items including some hats I will be listing in the near future. The jacket smelled very heavy of moth balls when removed from trunk but I've been airing it out for a few days and the smell has faded a lot.

This is called a four button sac coat. All 4 buttons are definitly original period buttons and in beautiful condition. Three of the buttons look identical and look like original hand sewing from Waterbury. One button is slightly diffrent and looks like it was re-sewn and it says Steele & Johnson. The things that are correct according to book are as follows: It's lightweight wool with a noticeable diagonal weave, has inside pocket sewn through the left fron of coat in a half moon shape, and notches at the cuffs. The book says a 5 button was adopted in 1872. It is also very well made. Several of the "stress" areas have several rows of stitching for strength. I think it may be a good one! I am in no way a textile expert but know w it came from and do know its old and seems to be textbook. It is in no way a modern piece
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