OLD Coca Cola Coke Bottle ROOT GLASS Jacksonville FULL!

***Please read entire description t is alot to know about this bottle*** This is a RARE Coke Bottle that has alot of history that goes with it. This style of bottle was made by the ROOT Glass Company in Terre Haute Indiana . This bottle comes with a little history go along with it which is REAL INTERESTING and has shows how rare it is to find one of these bottles that is FULL OF Coca Cola. In 1913 the Coca Cola Company asked all of its glass bottle makers to come up with a new style Coca Cola bottle to set Coke apart from the rest of the competition. I found this on that tells a little history and it reads: "Put into mass production two years later by the Root Glass Company in Terre Haute, Indiana, the new design was a response to the company's perceived need to develop an instantly recognizable product identity capable of protection by trademark and patent laws. In fact, the company's design brief was to 'find a Coca-Cola bottle which a person will recognize as a Coca-Cola bottle even if he feels it in the dark. The Coca-Cola bottle should be shaped that, even if broken, one could tell at a glance what it was.' The distinctive Coca-Cola script (as well as the name and slogan 'Delicious and Refreshing') had been designed earlier by company bookkeeper and amateur calligrapher, Frank Robinson. So commercially successful was Coca-Cola

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