Old Corkscrew Spoon & Bottle Opener Combination

This is an old corkscrew, spoon, and bottle opener combination as you can see in the photos. At the midsection, it says 'Brown & Bigelow Remembrance Advertising St. Paul, Minnesota 65-723', markings only partially shown in the photos. At the bottle opener end it says 'B&B St. Paul Minn. Des. Pat. Pdg.', also partially shown in photo. The worm of the corkscrew is unbroken and sharp. This combo, which is about 7 1/2 inches in length, is in unused condition showing no wear or evidence of usage, and just slight evidence of ageing. I'd call it 'near mint'. Overall, a nice item that I believe the winner will be very pleased with.

Priority Mail ($4.60) for domestic buyer, and International First Class Mail ($4.60) for international buyer. Insurance
determined later.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal, domestic or international money order (MO), or personal US bank check. Item will be
mailed upon receipt of PayPal payment or MO. Personal check must clear before item is mailed.