Old Fein Zinn Pewter Porringer Rose Bowl Goebel Germany

This is an interesting old pewter porringer bowl made by Goebel in West Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. Has the German Heraldic Rose inside, Roses are used to indentify various German towns, perhaps this is the one from Coberg the town Goebel is in or maybe this Porringer is to honor the duke t . It is 6"long including the pierced decorative handle and 1.5" deep. Interesting touchmarks - perhaps one of the Goebel collectors can date this for me by them. Signed by the artist, too, the initials "A.F". Also "Fein Zinn" refering to fine German pewter. Stamped "Goebel W. Germany" on Ear. I wiped it down somewhat to photograph the touchmarks. This could be shined like silver but some like the patina of the old pewter.

T are Pewter steins and dishes by Goebel but I can't find any Porringers, either on ebay or Google. If you are a Goebel or Porringer collection, you may not want to pass this up.

Please see my other pewter wine taster -spoon and another ladle- in my other auctions. I will be listing a bunch of old pewter in the next few days and love to combine shipping .

Will ship to International on request

.$5.00 shipping requested. -