Old Flexy Flyer Racer with Wheels by S.L.Allen

Old Flexy Flyer Racer with Wheels by S.L.Allen & Co. I have seen and sold many old sleds, especially by flyer, but this is my first Flyer Flexy Racer Toy, No 300 and has a date of 1938, and made by S.L.Allen & Co, Inc Phila, Pa. Makers of Flexible Flyer sleds & Planet JR farm & Garden tools. It is a great toy like wagon, that has steering, brakes, and signed or stamped in several places. Very old wooden one with metal steering and brakes, and rails. The metal wheels are real old solid rubber, with red rims of course. Pretty nice condition for this old racer. It works great and you can use it, or just hang it as a great piece of old history, very decorative one. It is 40" L X 20" Handle to Handle & 8.5" H. It works great and a first for me, as I have been doing this for 45 years or so, and this is my first one like this. The condition is really sharking to me, as usually they are all falling a part, but this one is still worthy of racing. Hope you enjoy it to. Great collector item, that's for sure. Enjoy.