Old Gas Wall Lamp / SPRING-A-LITE / Indoor Usage

If you are redoing your home to 20th century. This lamp could be an accent piece.

It is made of all metal except for the globe. This is a wall mount lamp and has all the parts for gas hook up. The only thing missing is the mesh bag that goes over the flame. When mounted to the wall t is an on/off switch that extends out the side. Right next to the wall bracket is the hole for lighting it. The globe is frosted on the bottom and clear on top.

T is a sticker on the inside of the wall plate. It says "SPRING-A-LITE, Deluxe Gas Lamp/Complies With National Safety Requirements". The globe says "PYREX /Made in USA for HUMPHREY". The lamp itself has some surface damage that is from use. The globe has some cleaning to be done. For being used and age it is in good shape.

Measurements: Base: 9" long X 5" high(wall mount part) /Globe: 3 1/2" tall X 18" around

Maker: SPRING-A-LITE/ Burbank CA

Condition: Good (see above)