Old German Circus Performers Postcard & Autograph Book

Up for auction is the most unique item that we have come across and listed on ebay! It is a vintage (1921) autograph book that also contains either a photograph of, an ad relating to and/or a postcard showing all of those whose autographs are contained in the book. By the titles and dress worn by each person in each photo, all seem to have been involved in either the circus or as Vaudeville-type entertainers of their time. Each entry is written in what I believe to be German, written in a different handwriting and dated 1921. While I can't read the language of the messages, I will now list all included names that I can make out: Arpad Kondor, Else and Kurt Ferdini, Oklany (a jugger), Drahtseil Kuntsler (a young boy tightrope walker), J. Garcia, 2 Lassally's, Tyrohenne Mirzt von Wenzl, Dobo-Truppe, H. Tegethoff, The Jasuda )an acrobat), 3 Egon's (comics), The World Premier Wire Walkers, Adam (a drummer), Sisters Zellias, Paul Galley - Original Musikal Clown, Jean Grewen (humorist), Betty Doree, John Willy (a clown), Solisten u. Schauspiel Ensemble, Fredy Paulsen (musical clown), Catalania and Ojeda (Spanish dancers), 2 Emery's (Komik Mexikan Musicians), 2 Tierra (The Funny Clay-Modellers), Oswin Muller, Amados, and Trude Elvira & Partner. The book is missing its front cover, but has its back cover, albeit a bit stained and worn. ... read more