Old Gunyege Dan Mask - Liberia

Old Gunyege Dan Mask - Liberia
This wooden mask has a border of cloth adorned with cowrie shells & bits of raffia rope.
This is an old mask and I believe it has been used judging from the wear of the cloth, the smoothness of the inside of the mask and the natural encrustation on parts of the mask.
Please note that because of its age, t are cowrie shells & raffia rope missing, as well as tears in the cloth.
This really is a beautiful example of a Dan mask.
Dimensions : 8.7 inches wide, 11.02 inches long.
Weight : 398 grams.

Information on Dan Masks:
Dan masks are usually used by male associations for rituals, education, social control and entertainment. Masks were thought to embody the most powerful of spirit forces called gle. Each gle has its own character. They brought control and order to village life. T are several distinctly different types of Dan masks.

Gunyege Masks:

Round eyed masks are used in racing games and ceremonies in which the masked spirit must compete against unmasked runners. If the wearer lose the race, it means the spirit has deserted that person and the mask goes to the winner, as a trophy to wear in the next race.
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