Old Hermitage Whisky Bottle Glass Cork 1916-1927

Estate Sale find. This is an Old Hermitage Bourbon Sour Mash Whisky bottle. Made in the spring of 1916 and bottled in 1927 during Prohibition. The United States Prohibition of Alcohol - 1920-1933.

The American Medicinal Spirits Company was one of the few distillers legally selling alcohol during the prohibited years. A doctors prescription was required.

The label is 99% in tact and is easily legible. T is a small one inch mark on the top area of the lable w it looks like wax damaged it. The label also has a picture of the distillery. Hermitage Distillery, 7th Dist Kentucky. W.A. Gaines & Co. Distilleries.

The lable reads:

"Old Hermitage, Bourbon, Sour Mash Whisky, Bottled in Bond".

"Under the Supervision of U.S. Government Internal Revenue Officers"

The American Medicinal Spirits Company

The tax seal on the top is legible on the front "Bottled FALL 1927 Made Spring 1916. Proof 100".

This bottle has a Glass Cork . The cork material is stuck to the neck opening however the glass portion comes out easily. See pics. T is a small 1/8 " chip in the edge of the cork.

The glass bottle has raised letters "FULL PINT" on the front above the lable and on the bottom. Also Raised numbers 4082 below the lable.

Alcoholic Strength 50% by Volume, !00% Proof
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