This is an OLDER IMPERIAL Snow ~ Emerald Cameo Peking Glass Vase.

Cased glass is a very unique technique developed in China during the Kangxi Period. The technique was developed to multi-color and then to the refined technique as seen in the late 1800's.

The quality of this vase speaks for itself and can be compared to other auctions. Notice the extremely fine overlay and the fine intertwining glass carving!! Extremely fine clean clear cut edges. Fabulous fine details!! Note the clarity of the glass!! This is not an apprentice or a young artists in some make-it-fast factory ~ this the old Master jade carvers of Imperial.

This absolutely exquisite art vase is Cased glass also known as overlay or cameo glass. The vases are older and were done in the old way. The Snow glass is dipped in emerald liquid glass over and over to achieve the highest depth. Then the Masters carve down the overlayed glass to the extremely fine cameo carving shown in this vase.

This vase is priceless in the art of the finest Masters. Notice the fine variegated greens down to the white snow glass lending details to the smallest leaves, flowers and vines. T he Old Master Jade carvers were employed to do the meticulous carving on the true collectible Peking cased glass.

The Chinese call the base of this jar "
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