From Estate in New England: Outstanding set of hand-carved, genuine Ivory Chopsticks of approx. 9" OAL with colorfully inscribed decorative motif and claigraphy inscription on matched, upper ends with pyramidal tops. All angles, in bright light, clearly show the grain and slightly yellowed patina of the carved material. These classic Asian Chopsticks, probably of Chinese origin, were most probably produced in the decades after WWII (1950s/60s) in Formosa or Hong Kong, judging from style of carving & decorative motif, and the distinctly carved shape of the sticks (squared upper & rounded lower sections) ... and of the classic caligraphy (very fine line) as well as the hand-tinted and carefully inscribed & brightly colored (fine line) "Rural Scene" shown as a split image on this pair of Ivory Chopsticks. Decorated on one side only, the sticks are a very close, but not exact, match in length and in both upper & lower diameters. Certainly hand-carved from of legal Asisn Elephant Ivory of the era, the grain is quite pronounced in both sticks, especially in bright light and/or when viewed with a lens. The sticks have, of course, slightly yellowed from age, and the oair is slightly curved from drying over the years ... just as you would expect of handmade Chopsticks of this material produced in the post-WWII era. Long on ... read more