Old Jade? Soapstone? Sculpture Carving Elephant & Men

Old Asian sculpture from a local estate. First thing to tell you is that I don't know much about this piece and I'm hoping that the pictures will give you enough to go on. When I first got it from the estate, I thought because of it's heavy weight that it was made out of iron. After looking it over closely, I realized that it's actually some type of stone. My guess is it might be soapstone or jade but it seems a little heavier than I'd expect for the size, so maybe it's marble? I don't see any markings and because of the paint it's hard to say if t are any markings or not. The paint was evidently added years ago and unfortunately that makes things hard to figure out, sorry! All I can say is just use best judgment as to age, country of origin, etc.T is some damage(noted in the photos) so needless to say, this piece could use restoration. Measures just under 9" tall x 7 1/2" long x 2 3/4" wide. Shipping weight will be about 7-8 pounds .

Shipping is at cost. That means that t will be no nasty surprises, like ridiculous price gouging, if you win this lot. At the conclusion of the auction, I will carefully pack and will then check to see which carrier offers the best price, that price is what you'll pay for shipping. NO HANDLING CHARGES will be added.

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