This old finger hand lamp was named the "DELTA" pattern by the Central Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, circa 1870. The pattern is shown on pages 73-75 of Marilyn Hallock's book, Central Glass Company, the First Thirty Years: 1863-1893 .

The Olgebay Museum's heritage collection has several Wheeling produced glass specimens, but not this one. I have been lamping for over 30 years and this my first meeting with this pattern- RARE.

Wheeling was home to Central Glass, Hobbs and Northwood. It had plentiful raw materials; transportation (the Ohio River and Route 40, the National Road) and skilled resources. Borrowing from the above book, "over 50% of America's pressed glass tableware came from the Ohio River Valley corridor".

This auction is your opportunity to capture a piece of 1870's history, made by the Central Glass Company. I obtained this lamp from the estate auction of an antique collector that lived within 100 miles of Wheeling. This little lamp never strayed far from home.

The base has minor wear at the underside high spots, nothing excessive but enough to corroborate a century old lamp. See underside close-up. T are no chips or flakes. No user damage. The handle is in perfect condition- no stress marks or fractures. Hand formed handles have this benefit over molded ones. The glass
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