This is a Neat Old Advertising Pencil From the Kosher Zion Sausage Company of Chicago, in Unused Condition. I'm sure t are many Chicagoans with fond memories of the delicacies this company produced.
The advertising is in red and blue ink, reading: "U.S. Government Inspected Kosher Zion Sausage Co. of Chicago, Manufacturers of Pickled, Cooked and Smoked Meats". This is followed by three phone numbers: Chicago - Seeley 8-2208. Los Angeles - Webster 3-5721. Miami - Jefferson 8-6231. (These letter and digit numbers were used only up to the 1950's, so the pencil is at least 55/60 years old - probably older). T is a circular #1 logo at each end of the pencil written in Hebrew - the one at the eraser end gives the address as 159 - 161 South Water Market, Chicago, Ill. U.S.A

It is a large fat pencil measuring 1¼ inches in circumference, 6/16 inches in diameter, and 7¾ inches in length. It is in unused condition, having nothing but a few smudges on it to indicate its age. The eraser has hardened over time so I wouldn't suggest you use it.
A Great Piece of Memorabilia From the Good Old Days of Chicago!!

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