Old Masonic Rainbow girls pins and medals

These Rainbow girl medals and pins came from the last estate sale I was at. Included is a full honor medal ladder with the pot of gold on the bottom. T are also included 2 small pins, one with a gavel and one with a pot of gold. The pot of gold pin is marked 1/20 12kt, the other is marked 10 kt gold plated. The merit ladder has no marking. I have not cleaned them and they could use it. The enamel is in great shape on both the pins and the merit bars. I've added another pic, this is a pin I've never seen and I think it's a very early masonic Rainbow or Eastern Star pin. It's marked Sterling but missing the back pin. It has a pink R and the eastern star crescent on it and a 3 joined circle pin connected to it, also one very small 3 circle pin which may be gold but it's so small I can't find a marking.. Seeing these brought back fond memories, though we used charms on a charm bracelet instead of the merit bar pin. Each merit bar had to be earned through service, I'd tell you more but it's funny how my vow of secrecy has stayed with me. I will also be having Eastern Star and Masonic pin groups, clearly this was from a family that was all involved. I'd have them up faster but I'm still recovering from neck surgery, but trust me, t's some goodies coming. Paypal only please and no international sales. If you have any questions or picture

Since I have a bid I can't change the description or title, I truely appologize and will leave the pin in the auction but make sure the winning bidder will be satisfied since it was incorrectly identified by me. Thank you again to that very nice Ebayer!

I've decided to include the rest of the Masonic pins I have. This included a pair of screw back Eastern Star earrings, an Eastern Star pin with gavel, neither is marked.on old Eastern Star symbol within a circle and One just the Eastern Star pin, I think they may be gold but but I can't read the mark on it. I'm also including a Union 35 year service pin and a 32 degree pin and a Union 35 pin. I'm also including a very small 14K masonic emblem pin or tie pin. As I said, pictures are available on request.

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