The old timer i got this from told me his father once had this grinder mounted to t farm wagon for sharpening tools while out in the field and its an interesting piece thats loaded with gears plus works by cranking its wood handle, this is made from cast iron and its base has two mounting feet with a hand turned screw that comes up from the base to anchor the feet to any flat surface, its marked all over with even the gears and handle having markings plus at its top is the manufacturers marking of McCormick Deering Chicago USA, this tool is in nice condition other than its dirty as found so it will look even nicer after a good cleaning and in the last photo at the top edge of the McCormick Deering manufacturers marking im trying to show you it has a bite out of the iron t that does not take away from its structure, a neat piece for the tool and or farm collector plus with the weight of this shipping in the usa will be between $16.50 to $38.20 depending on your location from me......hawaii may be higher, combined shipping rates on the other unusual items i got with this thats running in my other listings!!