Old Mexican Mule Wooden Saddle or Pack Saddle

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A beautiful, old, wooden saddle or pack saddle from Mexico.

Dimensions: The height from the bottom to the top of the horn is 12". The length of the saddle is 18". The width of the saddle is 14". The length of each of the two segments is 18", and the width of each segment is 4". Origin: Mexico Finish: Sanded with very fine grit paper; a medium walnut oil-based stain was applied. Condition: This is an old saddle or pack saddle. The piece is well worn but stable.

It is not clear whether this is a saddle or pack saddle due to the presence of a saddle horn. All of the old Mexican pack saddles that I have seen before do not have the horn. Even so, the seat is like the seat on pack saddles. Ropes are attached to both segments, and t appears to be a cinch or leather strap on one side. This is a very rustic, interesting piece with alot of character. It could be placed either inside or outside as a decorative piece.

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