Old original Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light Neon beer sign

This is a rare original Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light neon sign with a great color variation. The Spuds script at the top is purple, (even though the image shows it as blue), Spuds himself is the normal white but has pink white inner ears and a pink white nose. The coolest part is that he has a dark spot around his eye which I believe is bromo blue. Measures approx. 19 1/2" W x 27"H x 6"D. This is what the original metal rack should measure. Most of the Spuds sold on ebay are bootlegs and if you scrutinize the racks they are normally missing the two slanted bars under the word "Spuds" and the measurements are different. They should also have two supports attached on the back of the rack and the transformer. I had three of the originals and sold the other two that had the normal neon colors and now offering this rare version for sale. The transformer is dated on the metal plate, "9 Jun 87" (see image 5) The metallic plate on the back of the transformer reads, "Property of Anheusher Busch Inc. Brewers of Budweiser Beer St. Louis, Missouri BUD LIGHT SPUDS ITEM NO. 803-196" (see image 6) Bought this sign in Fort Worth in 2000 and put it in storage in 2002. Just cleaned it up and it still looks great. The transformer has the normal hum that was common in that era. Please email with any questions.