Old Painted Box Primitive Folk Art Bank

This auction offers a neat old paint decorated box which appears to have been used as a penny bank as t is a slot cut in the top for inserting coins, or something. T appears to have been some sort of rectangular border surrounding the slot on the to. It may have been glued on because t are no nail or screw holes present in the top. On the front side is an inlaid diamond shaped piece of shiny metal with the name "C.P. VAN KUREN" stamped into it. A flower blossom like gold decoration is painted next to the long sides of the metal inlay, and a gold border encloses it all. That same gold border is found on both ends of the box. The back side is plain - just exhibiting the old crackled varnish, which is present on all of the sides. The box measures about 5 1/4"L x 4 1/4"W x 3 1/8"H, and is in good used condition with no breaks or repairs, and it carries the dirt and grime of many years of life. Eight round headed screws fasten the top to the remainder of the box. I have not had the top off, and now that I look through the slot, I do not see a wide open space inside, but rather a narrow sleeve like appendage extending down about a half an inch with a cover on the bottom of it which has a narrower slot leading down to the main inside portion of the box - which can not be seen. T are rounded feet of some sort at each corner on the base. ... read more