Old Painting on Tin Cherubs Sacred Heart Roses Raphael

This painting is so unusual! It is a religious painting on heavy tin with the central theme being the immaculate and sacred hearts with several putti or cherubs keeping a watchful eye from above. T are also two beautiful garlands of flowers on each side of the hearts-red roses on the left and white lilies on the right. The tin has quite a bit of rusting on it and a few slight bends but it fits right in with this piece and doesn't detract at all, in my opinion. It is signed in the lower right hand corner-Sr. M. Raphael. It does have a bit of paint loss and t but for a piece that is circa 1900-1920 (maybe even earlier) that is to be expected. It measures a large 23 1/2" by 17 1/2". All in all, a very striking piece and if you like religious antiques, don't miss out on this one as I doubt you'll see another! Thanks for your interest and Good Luck!