Old PC - The Town & The Coal Breaker. Coaldale, Pa.

This is an old postcard, entitled "Old Company's Lehigh Coaldale Breaker - Capacity 7,800 tons of raw material per day, producing 90 railroad cars of coal ready for market. You will find a visit to the mines of The Lehigh Navigation Coal Company both interesting and educational." The card dates from the 1930s, although it was never mailed . It's in mint/very-near-to-mint condition . No creases, no soiling, no rips or tears, no damage! Buyer pays 95 cents shipping... NOTE - Tonight I'm listing 21 old postcards of towns in Northcentral & Northeastern Pa., plus 6 other pieces of old memorabilia from towns in Pennsylvania. If you like these types of things, please check out my other auctions!