Old Photo - Stone Mill, Old Grist Mill in Sciota, PA.

This is 1 old photo and 2 newspaper articles of, "The Old Mill, Grist Mill, Rt. 209 in Sciota, PA.

This is close to Snydersville, PA. and Stroudsburg, PA. areas and in The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

A little research on this photo and is on the old newspaper clippings that were attached to the photo. It says, " Water - Powered Feed Mill at Idle First In 154 Years". And destined to become a museum, this 154-year old stone mill in Sciota on Route 209 ceases to become a grist mill, when owner Eugene Haller and operator William E. Snyder stopped production. (these clippings are out of The Daily Record which I can't find a date on) Built in 1800 on the foundation of Brinker's Mill, which originally was constructed in 1729, Snyder's Mill holds an abundance of historial data. Jocab Brinker an early settler managed the mill on the site. About 50 area farmers will be affected by the shutdown of milling operations. About 25 farmers brought their grain directly to the mill, then utilized it for cattle feed. The present mill was constructed by Bernhard fenner in 1800. (Some of the other names mentioned in the paper are) Mabel Haney, Mrs. Anna Sanders, Mrs. Dora Rinker, Mr. Eugene Haller, William E. Snyder, Bernhard Fenner, George Snyder, R.J. Snyder and it tells much more on these two newspaper articles.

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