old RC Allen Adding Machine Register with Cash Drawer

You are bidding on an old RC Allen Adding Machine Register with Integral Cash Drawer. This is an old hand crank machine with a recipt printer and cash drawer. The machine is black and chrome with a faded green faceplate. The drawer has been a deep black lacquered finish; you can see w everybody rested their left hand on the corner from the well-worn spot. You can also see w someone left a Coca-Cola bottle beside the register and left a water ring. When you pull the crank the cash drawer opens with a "Ca-Ching" sound. The cash drawer can be switched to open or stay closed . The cash drawer is worn smooth from many years of coins being scooped out. The oak drawer is divided into 5 sections for coins, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and fifty-cent pieces. It also has sections for bills with a weight roller to hold them down. One drawer compartment has been repaired with tape many years ago; the tape has faded and aged to the same color as the surrounding. The drawer has a lock but the key is missing, it is locked in the unlocked position. The printing part needs a new ribbon. The calculator part has an extra 9 set of buttons, A-S for different depts, or different cashiers. About half the keys work the other half won't stay up (maybe just a weak spring?). Along with the printer it has a number readout in a window. I don't know how ... read more