Old Red Wing Crock Stoneware Christmas Tree Holder NR

Neat and unique piece of stoneware, I believe Red Wing made this particular piece. Marked in blue on one side Christmas Tree Holder, on the other side it is marked Patent Applied For. The topside of this piece is in nice shape. The underside, bottom has some damage, t is a line around the interior of the underside that just about makes a complete circle on the bottom, as you can see t is also a sliver hole in the bottom. Must have been broken in from the bottom as inside t are chips out around the hole. Other than the damage I mentioned, the rest is pretty much assoiciated with the stoneware making process. This is right at 10" across at the base, stands about 8 1/2" high. The stump hole for the tree is about 2" in diameter. T are 3 holes around the hole on top for fastening your tree in place and a fill hole on the sloped side. Neat piece. No reserve! $9 shipping. Check out my other items.