Old Stock Pink LEMURIAN Seed Crystal Quartz Twin RK !


my original Lemurian Seed Crystal
enlarged photos taken with fluorescent daylight lighting
***Old Stock Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal Quartz Twin With Record Keeper From Brazil***

For three years I worked on a friend's website which specialized in Metaphysical Minerals. I was the major purchaser for his website. A few years ago I purchased his inventory as I know how hard I worked to find the very best quality stones and crystals for this website. In February of 2003 I went to the famous Tucson shows and brought back hundreds of crystals and stones for the website. I am now caretaking the finest Lemurian Seed Crystals from Brazil.

This auction is for a very rare beautiful Lemurian Seed Crystal Twin which is shown in different views in the above enlarged photos. This particular Lemurian measures 3" by 7/8" by 3/4" with a weight of 2 ounces. T is a faint Record Keeper mark that you can see above right on the 5 sided face. This Lemurian came from a 2003 Tuscon buying trip.
This is a Record Keeper crystal. A Record Keeper crystal has at least one raised triangle on a face.

My first experience with these special friends came in March of 2001 when my friend Dan asked me to look at some "special" laser wands that he had. I was not a big fan of Laser Wands at
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