Old strange Duray depression glass perfume bottle/story

You will be bidding on a small old depression glass perfume bottle. But 1st let us digress for a minute: It's Christmas morning. A young girl in her best dress is coming down the stairs. Her hair is curled and she has a bright red ribbon in her hair. As she enters the parlor w the tree is brightly lite with flickering candles she is handed a package and a warm Merry Christmas. ( the person giving her the package is immaterial so we won't go into that LOL) She opens the package and finds this beautiful perfume bottle with her favorite scent. It has (for that day anyway) a state of the art puffer of rubber. (Fast forward) The bottle has sat on her dresser for years--she grows older and has a family and her children have a family. The perfume bottle is moved from her dresser to a shelf in the closet and forgotten about. She grows old and soon departs this earth. Soon after others find the bottle sitting on the shelf. Not wanting it they sell it. The puffer on the bottle has decayed and hardened with time. But now is the strange part-- you can still smell the perfume on the bottle. And I can still envision a young girl on Christmas morning.

It is signed in raised letters on the bottom (see photo). Stands about 2 1/2" high. A great addition to your perfume bottle collection.

I do not clean items of this nature. In fact
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