Old Tall Case Clock Movement Parts & Weight Barrels

From a clockmakers estate, these parts are offered in as-found condition. They were found in a drawer, apparently to be used as parts for repair work.

These are three sets of front and rear clock plates from very old clock movements, most likely from the mid to late 1800's era is my guess. The bottom plates in the photo do align and fit with the corresponding plates just above them. All the brass looks to be in very good condition. These are heavy plates that obviously belonged to quality clock movements at one time. However, none of the plates are marked with a maker's name. I see only one pillar slightly bowed on the plate on the far left, but it still fits fine with its corresponding plate. Also included are three very old weight driven clock cable winding barrels. All three appear to be slightly different in size, so I do not think t is a pair And I do not know if any of them actually fit to these movements, although this lot was found all together. No other parts included, what you see in the photo is what you get. Will ship in a flat rate priority USPS box for $8.50 anyw in the Continental USA. Shipping elsew will need to be calculated.

Two additional pictures posted in response to a prospective bidder's question, below. Note that t has been some old repair work done to this plate -- the plate on the left side
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