Old Unrolled "Takood" LP Derm Unique Amulet Thai RARE

!! Unrolled Takood Lp Derm !!

Unique Unrolled "Takood" Luang Phor Derm Amulet Talisman

Material : Brass

Origin : Thailand

Size : 1.5" x 4.5"

Y ou are bidding on very rare and unique unrolled "Takood",. The Sacred made from brass plate carved the holy script. And consecrated by the Monk master LP Derm himself thru special sesion, nomally it will rolled into a tube form with center empty, but this one NOT then make it very special. You can see portrat of LP Derm in the middle and 2 of Singha(tiger) on left and right side. Unmissed if you finding for special buddhist amulet of Thailand. Very nice wok and hard to find even in Thailand. Thai people beleive Takood especially powerful in protecting the owner from evil forces,offer to Protection from violence, from physical harm, and protecting and securing good fortune in business affairs.

...Please!! Treasure it well..

Laung Phor Derm

Luang Por Derm, born in Takhli district, was ordained when he was 20 years old. He has devoted his life to work for religion and the community by building monk's cells, a preaching hall, an ordination hall and a stupa in front of the ordination hall.He was a very compassionate monk. he had helped built a lot of temples not only in Nakhon Sawan but also in nearby provinces. His great work
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