Old Vintage Halloween Game "Katzy Party" 28 May Play!

This auction is for a (old) vintage halloween game I bought at auction many years ago. The game sheet measures 13" X 30" and is made of some type of cloth material with a plastic type sheen, it is not paper. The game pieces measure 2" X 3" each and I am missing 6 of them, #'s 3, 13, 18, 19, 23, & 28. The game is very colorful and detailed, it has a lot of action depicted within the scenes of 1930's-40's America. It does come with it's original packaging which I have included pictures as well. The makers are Selchow & Righter, who apparently are also the makers of Parchessi as the package states. The overall condition is very good, t are no major tears. T is fabric stress w the piece has been folded over the years, but it does not distract when viewed. THe only way to see this is when light is placed behind it. I have placed a low reserve as I feel it deserves. I will ship anyw, although I will need to know the shipping address for total fee's. Feel free to ask questions or for additional pictures. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding I thought it would be a good idea to pass this information along...Years ago I took this piece to an antique dealer who had never seen anything like it in regards to size and the amount of players. She said this piece was possibly bought through a school and used in the classroom rather than ... read more