Old Vintage Japanese Inlaid Lacquer Picture Signed NR

Absolutely superb old Japanese inlaid lacquer picture of an elegant Noblewoman or Courtesan composed of many hundreds of pieces of mother of pearl, inset flat into the black lacquer panel. Appears to be entirely mother of pearl with no other materials used and the different colors achieved solely through the use of different types of shells. Unconditionaly guaranteed to be genuine inlaid mother of pearl and NOT any type of cheaper alternative process and your money (less shipping) cheerfully refunded with *no questions asked* if you buy it and don't agree after you see it in person, but you aren't going to be disappointed. Signed by the artist as shown, but I'm not familiar with Japanese artist's signatures so I can't advise you further; the advanced collectors out t may recognize the signature. In any case, a spectacular piece, as the many pics show, far beyond what we normally see in even very high grade Japanese inlay work. An old estate piece from a very good old Dallas estate and unconditionally guaranteed authentic and old; my best estimate would be early 20th century, ca. the 1910 - 1930 era. Excellent condition as the many pics show. T are two small scratches in the sky to the right of, and just above, the lady's head. See close up flash pic of this area for the best pic I could get of the scratches. They are minor and they ... read more