old vintage Monark Silver king bike - boys 26" bicycle

is a 26 inch boys bike. It is missing a rear fender, the front fender headlight is missing the top half, and the crank hub is slightly loose and the rear wheel hub is wobbly. A good bike mechanic can probably clean, adjust, tighten it up or change a bearing something
But for those reasons, I'm selling it for parts or repair. Looks like all parts to the bike are original, the frame is straight etc. etc..Please feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

The shipping caculator on this auction is probably wrong due to not being able to factor in the over size nature of the box. USPS is prohibitively expensive for oversize packages. Will send UPS from zip code 54420 at a weight of 48 pounds. Will charge that rate to your zip code - no handling, crating fees etc.. Please check for UPS online price quote or I will be happy to do that for you. I am not able to correct the listing, as the bike already has a bid on it. Cost estimate would be 25 to 50 dollars depending on your location. Thanks for understanding and good luck if you decide to bid.