old vintage RED AND WHITE QUILT cutter handmade

Old Vintage Red and White Quilt

This pretty quilt has certainly had lots of love!

Its an interesting quilted design, I'm not sure what the pattern is called - bear claw?

It measures 64" x 72", and is made of old cotton fabrics.

The back is a light blue checked material.

The edges are all frayed, and t are some holes along the edges that are right through both fabrics - see photo.

The batting is very thin and worn.

The pieces have been machine sewn, but the quilting is handstitched in a square design.

Most of the red pieces have tiny holes and wear in them. The white pieces have a very faint light blue design on it too.

T are some light rust coloured spots on it, but it smells fine, not musty.

This is a great old quilt for folded display, or for cutting for craft projects.

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