Own an original piece of American Industrial History!

Wooden Foundry mold. " 1st STAGE PISTON BACK PLATE" Wow! Very Beautiful! A One of a Kind original! An Artist dream.

These decorative wood patterns were hand crafted by expert industrial craftsmen of yesteryear. The pattern maker was the "artist" of the industry. First was the dream, then the drawing (blue print), then the wood pattern , then the metal casting to be machined to the finished product. The wood pattern had to be made to strict tolerances else the finished product would be off thus scraped. This is what makes these patterns so beautiful; they were made to precision the old fashioned timely way! They were not massed produced but one of a kind!

These patterns was used in the foundry process to produce a " # 32423 1st Stage Piston Back Plate". A lot of work and detail went into the making of this piston pattern. The heavy ribbing and bolt circles were added for strengh. Add that to the wood strips and wood grain and you have a very beautiful pattern. Casting was made of cast iron. Pattern is a hard wood most likely mahogany. This pattern comes from a company with a history manufacturing steam engines, and steam driven compressor.

You can see aNorwalk Steam Engine made by theNorwalk Iron Works in the Smithsonian Arts and Industry building
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