Old (XIXc)Russian Icon brass- glass lamp(lampada)

Old XIXc Russian Icon brass-glass lamp(lampada)with image Mother of God .The Smolensk Mother of God iconographic subject is closely associated with a Greek icon of the Hodigitria Mother of God. Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh blessed his daughter Anna with this icon when she married Russian prince Vsevolod, later Anna bequeathed the icon to her son Vladimir who installed it in 1097 in the Smolensk cathedral. Many miracles are attributed to the icon. During the 1812 war with Napoleon and just before the Borodino battlefield services were held w the icon was worshipped by the Russian troops. The feasts are on 19 March (1 April) and 28 July (10 August). Chain made from brass L=50sm(20")

Size:d=6sm (2 1/2"), H=9sm(3 1/2")