Old Zuni Indian Silver Bracelet Early Tom Weahkee 1940

This is a wonderful old Native American Indian hammered and stamped triple shank bracelet attributed to Tom Weahkee and dates around the early 1940's. I have attached images from "Southwest Silver Jewelry" by Baxter so that you can see an example of the bracelets he made during this time period. This bracelet was all handcrafted most likely for the tourist trade, but is slightly heavier than the typical "Fred Harvey Era" jewelry at 1 ounce. with twisted silver wire running down the center. It is a very simple and traditional design. The back of the bracelet does have sweeping tool marks that is consistant with hand wrought metal.

The bracelet is unmarked which is typical of older pieces but tested coin quality (900) silver or better. This bracelet weighs 27 grams which is 1 ounce. T is a worm glow of patina pretty evenly covering the bracelet. This terrific every day bracelet measures 1/2" wide with an inside circumference of 5 1/2" plus a 1 1/4 inch opening. This piece is only a bit flexable and I say that because some tourist pieces that were made using sheet silver tend to be easy to bend however this one has a bit more strength.

I have added pictures for you to reveiw. You will be able to see that the wear from age has caused the shanks that were most likely lightly soldered to seperate. If you have any questions
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