First off, I have been consigned to sell some older Misc. Porcelain/China and Glass pieces for a local longtime Collector, most of them were bought 20 or more years ago, and have been in storage for quite some time. i'm certainly not an expert on this type of Collectible but will provide many pictures and a brief description based on what I see and may find from searching past ebay auctions and/or the internet in general and with my pictures and any questions you may ask, we should have no trouble completing successful transactions! That being said, this item up for auction is a Small Older Porcelain or China Rose Medallion Type Vanity Jar or Canister (measuring about 1-11/16" high to the top of the lid) with no markings other than a partial red x on the top and the bottom parts, I don't know if it's actually "Rose Medallion" or it's exact age, very doubtful if it's 19th Century but it's not very new either, as the owner said he had it for a long time, my guess would be 1930's-40's, but hopefully you will be able to tell more about it from my pictures! Whatever the case, it has an asmade x inside at the bottom and an asmade hairline on the bottom at the same place, also has some asmade airpops and/or dimples and what looks like a small chip (but could have happened when it was made) on the bottom outer edge but is otherwise is in ... read more