Older train set (Athearn) with extras / Atlas / Life Like / Lionel

This is an Athearn train set from the 60's (?) with extras added over the years .
This is the older looking brass track.
Includes the following:
2 Santa Fee engines, one original and one Life Like
16 pieces curved track (9 3/4 inch)
2 short curved track (3 1/2 in)
5 Straight track piece
1 LH switch (electric or manual)
1 RH Switch (electric or manual)
1 straight track w/ electrical connection
1 straight track for setting wheels
2 Switch control
1 "the Katy" cattle car
1 Michigan Alkali liquid Chlorine car
1 Lionel "Seaboard" flat car
1 secondary engine (follows engine) car???
1 Western Maryland coal car
1 Lionel reversing powerpack
1 Gilbert American Flyer power pack
1 HO uncoupler track (same size as straight)
1 Caboose Car (A.T. & S.F.)
1 Flatbed car with large bower boat (Yacht)
Some misc. wires and small parts such as extra screws, car couplers, instruction sheets
original boxes for switches, second engine in box,
I will safely package all in one box, the original Athearn box cover can be shipped with one fold if you like.
I have additional pictures, but ebay only lets me use 12, maybe I can send them if needed.