Older Vintage 4 Picture Book Locket Outstanding Design

This locket is like none that I have ever seen. It folds out on springed hinges and holds 4 photos of your loved ones. It has a great connector piece and an unusual swirl design chain. The book locket is one inch tall and almost an inch wide. Comes on an 18 inch gold tone chain. It is etched on the front with a beautiful Victorian design. Also, this piece has a little suitcase hasp closure that will keep your pictures secure. This is not pre-owned jewelry, it comes from a store inventory of a store that closed in 1960. This particular gold tone locket shows a little tarnishing from time, easy clean for the new owner. So, you can be sure to own a piece of history that is almost 50 years old. This is also substantial jewelry, not like the reproductions of today. Check out my other items !