Condition : Excellent. Please view image scans for all available information, if any, about the publisher's name, series number, postal usage, stamps, messages, notations, etc. Email us if you have any questions at PLEASE NOTE OUR PAYMENT & SHIPPING TERMS
POSTAGE and HANDLING costs to U. S. $2.00; Canada $3; other destinations $4.00. NOTE TO OVERSEAS BUYERS: If the total value of your purchases exceeds $75.00, REGISTERED INTERNATIONAL MAIL MAY BE REQUIRED. THE REGISTRY FEE CHARGED BY THE U.S. POST OFFICE IS $11.50 PLUS POSTAGE BY WEIGHT . We have had to add this requirement due to higher than normal first class mail losses to foreign addresses. In fact, due to frequent mail losses and bogus claims we will NO LONGER SHIP to ITALY, CHINA, TURKEY & ROMANIA. ****************** We will COMBINE LOTS to save you mailing costs whenever possible. If you want to combine lots that will close over several days, please let us know as soon as possible and please wait to pay until you are invoiced for the combined total. Do not pay for each individual lot until invoiced. Separate payments via Paypal mean more fees charged to us. Additional lots in same mailing are $.50 each. Thank you. IMPORTANT: CONDITION GRADING SCALE FOR POSTCARDS EXCELLENT : Near mint condition with no visible flaws. VERY GOOD : Minor faults at the corners and/or
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