Oliver Farm Machine Safari Hard Hat Pith Helmet Tractor

Oliver Farm Machine Safari Hard Hat Pith Helmet Tractor

is a white safari hat or pith helmet that was sold at an Oliver farm tractor dealership back in the 60's. It is made of hard plastic and has had little wear. The band adjuster is made of cloth and is adjusted by either tightening or loosening the shoestring. T is another band that goes across the top to keep the helmet at the proper height for maximum cooling or sun protection. It was made in the USA.

We ship USPS on Wednesday and UPS on Thursday. Click on the image to make it larger. Please judge condition by the pictures. Pith helmet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pith helmet of Harry S. Truman

The pith helmet (also known as the safari helmet , sun helmet , topee , sola topee , salacot or topi ) is a lightweight helmet made of cork or pith , typically from the sola (Indian swamp growth, Aeschynomene aspera or A. paludosa ) or a similar plant [1] , with a cloth cover, designed to shade the wearer's head from the sun . Pith helmets were once much worn by Westerners in the tropics ; today they are most frequently used in Vietnam . (The forms solar topee and solar topi are folk etymology âe"the name comes from sola , and is not etymologically connected with the sun in any way.)

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