Olivia Newton John 5' HUGE standup display"Totally HoT

OK, we go, I am selling 100's of the GREATEST Rock promo and concert posters ever found. We went through the basement of one of the best record stores on the East Coast and found BOXES of VINTAGE 1980's promo items.The owner is very crabby and didn't want to sell...but we got all the stuff !!!!

Rarely ON EBAY ... Stand up display for GREAT Album from 1978... OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN . ALBUM, "Totally Hot". One of the Best stand up displays in the history of the music business. See the scarf around Olivia's neck ? Never done from a record company before or after.HUGE, in store display,Almost 6 feet tall........UNIQUE item.

.....Great in store display from the record company. GREAT PHOTO.Unique Stand Up is in EXCELLENT shape, very minor wear.Slight scratch on the album cover part of the stand up.It is 30 years old!!!!. It has been in storage in the rafters.

This is straight from the record store. WOW.This is a kool item. GREAT collectable.LOVE the graphics.

The poster cardboard and will be shipped flat.

Watch for many,many more.Record label promo or concert..

I toured for many years and this is one of my favorite items. Watch for many,many more music items for sale. Check, MO or paypal. I NEVER use postage for profit. Will refund if overcharge.

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