Olsen Knives, two, hand made, collectable

This auction is for two hand made Olsen Knives. They are higher end collector knives from the Olsen Knife Company of Howard City Michigan . I believe they are from the 1970's though they may have been made in the first year or two of the 80's. Both come in their original boxes. The boxes have some shelf wear. Each knife also has its original unmarked guarantee registration card. The original sheaths are included as shown.


Neither knife has ever been used or sharpened. They have the original manufacturer edge. They have been stored in the closet since their purchase. I am the original owner. The knives were stored with a bit of oil on the blades so the blades are relatively clean. The brass needs polish as does some of the steel that extends through the handle. This is a superficial issue and t does not appear to be any damage to the knives a good cleaning and polishing will not remedy.

The handles are a beautiful wood. I do not know what kind but it may be Cherry or something similar. The handles are manufactured in two halves that sandwich the metal continuation of the blade. The blades are not engraved with any manufacturer logos, numbers or anything. They are plain as these are collector knives. Each knife has an outdoor engraving on one side of the handle. These engravings are in pewter.
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