Olympic souvenirs lot Los Angeles 1984, Autographs,Trading Cards, pins, Coke

Souvenirs from 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
2 Harrahs glasses, one red, one blue 4 3/4 inches tall by 2 1/4 inches diameter 2 Frisbees, one red, one blue, each 4 3/4 diameter, Sam the Eagle by Wham-o official TV Guide July 28 - August 3 1984 Lighter, non working I would assume since there is what appears to be flint inside the package Stickers, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Swimming 2 Inflatable seat cushions 8 inch plate by Papel licensed LAOOC Deck of Sam the Eagle playing cards in unopened box. Coca Cola patch, never sewn or glued to anything. Sam the Eagle plastic figurine 2 1/2 inches tall throwing a discus 3 pins - 1 is Savajevo Olympics 12 Autographs, some have the name of the person on the back since a lot of them have pretty bad handwriting. History's Greatest Olympians Trading Cards. More than 100 cards, many duplicates and not all Olympians are present. If you want to know if a specific Olympian is present please message me.
These items have been stored in my house and garage for 30 years. I can't guarantee that anything works, like the lighter probably doesn't light, the stickers might not stick, the cushions might not inflate.
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