Original Olympus E.Zuiko Auto-W F4 25mm Wide Angle Lens to suit the famous Pen-F range of half frame 35mm SLR cameras Serial No 109617. The lens is in excellent condition being very clean with no signs of rubbing to the index markings on either the focus or aperture rings.
The aperture ring itself operates with the correct latching action at each marked aperture with the iris inside the lens correspondingly moving correctly when the manual actuation is performed. The focus action is smooth and appropriately resistant i.e. exhibits no looseness or play. When attached to our test camera body the iris operated correctly in its linked automatic mode in all aperture settings each time returning to fully open following firing of the shutter.
Whilst the optics are apparently crystal clear and free from any fungus issues there is one small scratch evident near the centre of the front element but this is very short and fine and in my opinion will have no discernible detrimental affect on the optical performance of what in every other respect is a lens in excellent condition for its age Two plastic lens caps are included and whilst they afford appropriate protection they are later push on type replacements and not the same quality as the original items. Whilst I have tried my best to accurately describe this item and its condition
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