Olympus PEN-FT Black paint body 1/2 Frame SLR 35mm Camera

Olympus Pen FT Black paint body camera

Olympus F Zuiko Auto-S 1:1.18 f=38mm

Olympus Zuiko auto-zoom 1:3.5 f=50-90mm

Lentar Telephoto f:5.6 250mm

Vivitar Auto 2x custom tele-converter model# 2x-12

Olympus-Pen-F Angle viewer

(7) Spiralite filters assorted colors w/ polarized filters

(4) Olympus Pen-F adaptors

Kent AG-1 Flash w/ box full box of unused bulbs

Has a hard case and original manuels and assorted accessories including a

Vivitar 160 Flash that needs some TLC

This item is fully functional, timer, film advance counter, shutter speed even the light meters inside the view finder. The shoulder where the angle

view finder attaches is chipped on the edge but does not affect operation. Cosmetically it is in real good shape for how old it is.

I have had this camera for a long time and everything works but I have not used it in a long time. I took the battery for the meters inside along time ago I still have it and it is in the hard box case. This camera is being sold as-is. The camera case and cover are like new. The pictures I have are not the best to show all the detail in this vintage item. Any questions go ahead and ask. Good Luck on bidding