PROTECTION CHARMS LIKE THIS ONE HOLD AMAZING CLUES please see the photo observation section below to see many of its hidden symbolic meanings.

Do you think that the recent solar flares and terrestrial phenomena that is happening in the universe is having a personal power change on you?

Did the Mayans know something about our future but where a little off the mark?

Just look at the events of 2012 from all the major storms, the heat waves and scorched earth in the summer to the colder icy winters and see how mother nature is dealing with it!

Part of staying on Good Luck Road and being on top of your life in my opinion has to do with the charms you carry in your everyday travels. This one has extra special meanings with all its amazing symbolism and uniqueness to the Chosen One collection as it was discovered in the same box of these special stones which my teacher placed in a special golden box to be released coming this month.

The release of these good luck zodiac amulets has Buddhist metaphysical symbolic meaning that has been seen as a charm for good luck protection in the past.

If you can control awareness it is like having an invisible shield around you which alerts you to opportunity or moments you need to pay attention to for you safety.

It is believed by many ancient cultures
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