OM10 Gas Mask,Filter Carry Bag #MLT-9104

Military Issue Gas Mask Set is perfect for Chemical, Biological, andeven Nuclear Agents. Unlike other masks, this Military Issue Mask isthe real deal and covers the full face. During Nuclear detonation-radioactive dust and debris is thrown miles into the atmosp and transferred by prevailing winds hundreds even thousands of miles away. Original NBC Gas Mask set complete with gas mask, water repellent carry bag and new sealed cheek filters. Large eye holes for full field of view and can be worn with eyeglases, most have a drink tube (no choice), and fully adjustable for snug fit. The mask is in very good used condition, the filters are new and sealed. Czech Model OM10 designed for protection from air borne contaminates. Gas Masks are designed to block Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons delivered by conventional methods and now Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's). It truly is a small world, so protect your corner of it today! Note: Due to uncertainty in the Middle East, sales of this item are volatile and sporadic. We cannot guarantee lasting inventories of our gas masks or filters.