OMAS 360 MEZZO HT Black Fountain Pen Broad-Nib NEW


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OMAS is handcrafted, and the company has been doing this since 1925. OMAS pens, handcrafted in Bologna’s workshop, have always been characterized by their timeless, elegant, essential design and strong personality. The skilful mix of Design, Handcrafting, the use of Precious Materials and Innovation constitute the values around which each OMAS pen is developed.

An OMAS Fountain Pen is the result of a multitude of delicate operations: from the research of new materials to the drawings of the first models, from technical studies to the final product. OMAS works to produce high quality masterpieces destined for true connoisseurs and enthusiasts. It can take up to 365 days to produce the exceptional lightness, refined brilliance, and pleasant feel of each of their pens. OMAS 360 MEZZO HIGH TECH collection is a real jewel of the highest level of craftsmanship, where creative and aesthetic abilities integrate naturally with technical and functional innovation. Each pen thus becomes a unique and unrepeatable work of art, symbol of the Made in Italy style.

*FREE: Includes leather sleeve and 6 ink cartridges: turquoise,
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