Omas Bibliotheque Nationale Rollerball in orig. box

OMAS LIMITED EDITION Bibliotéque Nationale

Omas Bibliotheque Nationale roller ball pen . Excellent with original box and papers."Bibliotheque Nationale" is stamped in the barrel. Omas produced these for a few years in a magical light ivory resin which seems to pick up color from its surroundings. I've seen this look white, ivory, light green, light blue, pink.

It was designed to celebrate the extensive history of the French National Library, and the longevity of the beautiful vellum volumes contained tin.

This is an awesome writing instrument to view, to hold, to use. In my opinion, NOTHING else in the world writes like an Omas rollerball.

Shipping & Handling is $8.00 in the U.S., $10.00 to Canada, and To Europe, it will be as charged by FedEx plus insurance.U.S., CANADA & EUROPE ONLY

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