Omega Squad Demolition Commando Elite Forces of the Republic Figure TAC ...LOOSE

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Omega Squad Demolition Commando Elite Forces of the Republic Figure TAC ...LOOSE
I don't charge my buyers extra! INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS WELCOME! This auction is for the 30th Anniversary Collection Elite Forces of the Republic Demolition Clone Commando Trooper figure from the Mandalorians & Omega Squad set . Auction is for 1 figure, the pictures shows multiple angles of same figure . These sets of figures are NOT found in retail stores !!! I have anywhere from 50-400+ LOOSE Star Wars figures up right now from any to all the modern lines!

Item is in mint and complete condition and comes with all weapons and/or accessories !!

Win multiple auctions and save on shipping!

Item will be packed with great care and plenty of protection ! Due to the quantity of items up for auction there is only 1 MINUTE of time between each item. Get your bids in early to avoid loosing out.


95% of my items shipped within the U.S. now have FREE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION ! You will also have the added piece of mind that you will receive an email stating when your item is shipped and what the confirmation number is. MY PACKAGING PROMISE TO YOU!

Not only due I sell Star Wars collectibles on ebay, I am an avid collector

1. Pick the correct box. I will use a box that allows for plenty of packing material to surround and protect the item(s).

2. The right packing material is IMPORTANT ! We all know not enough packing material can cause damage in shifting items, but packing items too tight can cause can cause action figure cards to bend, bubbles to be dented, and plastic view screens to be dented. For these reasons I use cardboard to protect view screens in such Star Wars exclusive vehicles. I use mainly crumpled newspaper to surround items for the main reason it holds items in place and id the box is dented it will absorb the shock and not carry through to the item.

3. Label box correctly. Mark all boxes as being fragile for extra care!

I know you will be the next person to see what I pack so great care is given. Packing the way I would want them packed also assures me that you will receive the item(s) the way they were shipped!

U.S. buyers pay two dollars & seventy-five cents USPS S+H. International bidders pay based on country of origin. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR A QUOTE!

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